About Topcoat Systems

Topcoat Systems are a wholly-owned Irish-based company and leader in the manufacture and application of high-performance Epoxy resin coatings. We are known as one of Ireland’s top commercial flooring contractors.

The History of Topcoat Systems

Topcoat Systems Ltd was founded in 1993 by Ian O’ Connell. Our success over the years is due to the advances we have made and continue to make in the research and development of decorative and safety coating systems.

Specialising in Epoxy Resin Flooring, Polished Concrete as well as Stone Carpet Flooring, Topcoat Systems has been bringing our vast experience to both recommending and installing flooring systems since the ’90s.

As one of Ireland’s leading industrial and commercial resin flooring contractors, we specialise in both new projects and refurbishments.

We operate throughout Ireland and abroad so Topcoat Systems can assist you in the identification of the most appropriate products and design of your specialist flooring system.

Our success has brought us not only throughout Ireland but as far afield as Hungary.

We offer a wide variety of seamless, durable, anti-slip and anti-static decorative resin floor coating systems. Ideal for use in areas such as Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Logistics, Commercial Kitchens, Showrooms, Cleanrooms, Carparks, Retail Stores, Creches, Hairdressers, Garages and Nursing Homes. See some of our flooring projects.

Topcoat Products are the result of years of experience inspired by some of the toughest environments. Our clients are always challenging us with new projects but yet our approach to each job remains the same.