Flooring Systems Ireland

Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring Systems provide a seamless hard-wearing durable hygienic and simple to clean finish.

Suitable for use in many areas including industrial, commercial, and domestic applications. 

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete enhances the beauty, strength & abrasion resistance of concrete floors.

Polished Concrete is ideal for use with underfloor heating while reducing maintenance and costs.

Natural Stone Carpet

Topcoat Natural Stone Carpet resin-bound surfacing is a cold applied clear Polyurethane resin screed.

It is designed to bind a range of natural stones in a range of colours.

Mapei Ultratop

Mapei Ultratop is used internally in industrial buildings.

It is used for leveling and smoothing new or existing concrete and screed substrates in thicknesses from 5 to 40 mm. 

Mapei Ultratop Loft

Mapei Ultratop Loft is ideally suited to creating interior floors and walls where a smooth and mottled effect with a cementitious look is required.

It can be used for both new floors and to refurbish old floors.