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Mapei Ultratop Loft System

Ultratop Loft is ideally suited to creating interior floors and walls where a smooth and mottled effect with a cementitious look is required. It can be used for both new floors and to refurbish old floors. Highly original decorative finishes can be achieved in a multitude of available colours.

Due to its resistance to abrasion, Mapei Ultratop Loft is ideal for creating floors subjected to intense pedestrian traffic in areas such as shops, restaurants, reception areas, private homes, cafes, hotels, and showrooms.


Decorative abrasion-resistant floors in shopping centres, residential areas, cafes, restaurants wellness centres, hotels, and showrooms. It is suitable for use in both commercial and residential areas.

Mixing and Application

Ultratop Loft can be applied in one or more coats with a smooth rubber, steel or Teflon coated trowel until the effect required is obtained. Treated surfaces are ready to use quickly.


Ultratop Loft is a finished floor due to its resistance to abrasion and thanks to its versatility, is suitable for numerous applications in both commercial and residential areas.

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