Topcoat Carpark Flooring

Topcoat Carpark System

Hard Wearing Anti-Slip Epoxy Resin Floor Screed.

Topcoat Carpark System is a hard-wearing anti-slip resin floor screed suitable for use in both internal and external carparks. The system is modified for areas such as ramps, intermediate decks, exposed decks, basement decks etc.

Topcoat Carpark System has excellent slip resistance, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Topcoat 2000 can be used as a roller coat and is included as part of the following systems – Topcoat Flake, Topcoat Antislip and Topcoat Quartz.

The Topcoat Carpark System consists of five steps:

  • Concrete subfloor properly prepared. Vacuum blasting or surface diamond grinding is preferred
  • Priming coat of Primer 2000 is applied.
  • While the primer is still wet the surface is blinded with Quartz aggregate
    For intermediate decks, 0.4 – 0.8 mm Quartz aggregate is applied
    For roof decks and ramps, 0.7 – 1.2 mm Quartz aggregate is applied
  • After curing excess Quartz aggregate is removed
  • Epoxy screed Topcoat 2000 is applied using a squeegee followed by the application of Quartz aggregate and then back rolled.


Carparks, Fire stations, Workshops, Processing areas, Corridors, Laboratory areas, Warehouses etc

Screed Colours

Battleship Grey (dark Grey), Gunmetal Grey (light Grey). Leaf Green, Marine Blue, Sky Blue, Honey Yellow, Sand Yellow, Tomato Red, Tile Red.

Substrate Requirements

Concrete or substrate should be a minimum of 25N/mm2, free from laitance, dust, and other contamination. The substrate should be dry to 75% RH as per BS 8204 and free from rising damp and groundwater pressure. If no damp proof membrane is present D-Proof DPM can be used

Conforms to EN 13813:2002. Conforms to British Slip Resistance Standard No. BS7976-2:2002 under both wet and dry conditions.

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