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Topcoat Quartz Flooring

3 – 4 mm Epoxy Decorative Screed

Topcoat Quartz flooring system is a multi-coloured Quartz Epoxy screed for use in areas requiring a hygienic, slip-resistant, easy-clean, seamless floor finish. The system can be trowelled or cast applied to create different floor finishes. Topcoat Quartz is solvent-free, odourless and non–toxic when cured.

Topcoat Quartz system consists of six steps:

  • The concrete subfloor is prepared by dust-free shot blasting or diamond grinding.
  • Epoxy high penetration Primer 2000 is applied.
  • Scratch coat is applied using Primer 2000 and Quartz aggregate.
  • Topcoat 2000 self-levelling screed is applied.
  • The surface is blinded with coloured Quartz aggregate.
  • 1 – 2 sealer coats are applied.


Kitchens, Food Processing areas, Showrooms, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Factories, etc.

Project References:

Curragh Military Barracks Kitchen, Solas Training Centre Tralee And Cork, E.I. Electrical Components Factory Shannon

Substrate Requirements

Concrete or substrate should be a minimum of 25N/mm2, free from laitance, dust, and other contamination. The substrate should be dry to 75% RH as per BS 8204 and free from rising damp and groundwater pressure. If no damp proof membrane is present D-Proof DPM can be used.


Conforms to British Slip Resistance Standard No. BS EN 13036-4 under both wet and dry conditions.

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