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Natural Resin Stone Carpet Flooring

Stone Carpet flooring, a resin-bound surfacing is a cold applied clear Polyurethane resin screed designed to bind a range of natural stone in a range of colours.

Decorative resin bound stone carpet flooring is suitable for use internally or externally. The depth of the carpet varies from 10-25 mm depending on stone size and expected loading.


  • Internally: Offices, Domestic Houses, Retail
  • Externally: Pedestrian Bridges, Paths, Driveways, Balconies, Wheelchair Ramps, Patio Areas

Surface Preparation

Concrete or asphalt surfaces to be treated should be clean, dry and free of all laitance, oil or grease.

Mixing and Application

The two-pack Polyurethane resin is mixed together using a slow speed mixer. It is then mixed with the chosen aggregate using a forced action mixer. The mixed material is then poured out onto the clean surface and is spread using a notched trowel. A straight edge is used set at the required height and mixed material is then compacted using a hand trowel.

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