Stone Carpet Colours

Stone Carpet Colour Options

The above image depicts the choice of colour available in the Stone Carpet range from Topcoat Systems.

Our Topcoat Stone Carpet flooring range comes in a choice of colours as seen above. While choosing the colour for your surface, you should consider surrounding buildings and infrastructure to get the ideal match for your area.

The sand colour stone carpet provides a natural tone to your surface while remaining bright and providing a clean look to the area. This is a popular choice for driveways.

Our red-toned shade of stone carpet provides a slightly warmer tint than our natural sand colour. This shade is a popular choice for paths.

The dark option of our stone carpet includes shades of dark greys, browns, and beiges as seen below. Therefore the dark option remains a natural choice of colour. This option is most popular for smaller detailed areas.

There is always the option to use a variety of these colours in your project which can give you a unique modern look to your area, ideal for industrial or commercial areas.