Stone Carpet Maintenance & Cleaning

General cleaning of Topcoat Stone Carpet surface can be carried out by cold pressure washing up to a maximum 150 bar rating to remove dirt and grime. The water should be applied using a fan type lance which should be kept 200mm above the installed stone carpet. Care should be taken however to prevent damage to the surface with excessive water pressure.

If the surface has been contaminated with chewing gum it is best removed by using a biodegradable remover such as ‘Pro 88 Gum Remover’. Oil stains should be treated and removed as soon as possible using a biodegradable oil stain remover. Rubber tyre marks can generally be removed by simply using a surface cleaning machine.

Rainwater drainage can be maintained provided that a maintenance schedule, including regular suction cleaning and sweeping, is implemented using a suitable wet and dry vacuum.


The Topcoat Stone Carpet surface should be regularly cleared of leaves etc. to prevent possible tanning staining and moss growth, most vegetation can be easily removed using a surface cleaner. However, some airborne weed growth may require treatment with a suitable weed killer, an initial small test area should be carried out to confirm suitability.

Normal / Abnormal Use

The Topcoat Stone Carpet surface has been designed for normal pedestrian and vehicular traffic use, therefore protection should be provided wherever possible against abnormal usage. Abnormal usage applies to heavy objects such as skips, these should not be dragged across the surface. The Stone Carpet finish must be protected in this instance to avoid any impact damage, staining, etc.

Damage Repair

Damaged surfaces should be repaired as soon as possible.

Snow, Ice & Frost

Areas subject to snow, ice and frost can be treated using Rock Salt, however, this may be harmful to plants and can damage the surrounding metal or concrete surfaces. Excessive snow should be shovelled away using a plastic snow shovel, taking care not to damage the Stone Carpet surface.

Seasonal Fixtures

Areas covered with seasonal fixtures such as flower pots will see a difference in colour when moved, though the structure of the Stone Carpet is not compromised.